Welcome to AshMoore Photography

We are a small low volume studio dedicated to making your whole experience a pleasant and relaxing one, without imposing stratospheric costs. The friendly attitude is part of the service 🙂

Our Business Model.

There is only one photographer here – Michael.
Our business aim is not about becoming a huge multi location studio, our business success is not measured by selling more than last year or sales closure rates.
Our reason for being is to be self sufficient and enjoy what we are doing, balancing family life with business and giving the time needed to serve our customers.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is you, our customer. We are most interested in other local businesses and will always try to use local businesses. We will work with you on both content and pricing to help keep our community special.
With our airshow work we are also working with international customers and agents to give our images the widest of audiences.
So if you have a project in mind or just want to chat, give us a call!

Thank you