Pyro performers – the project

Ready for the next few airshows now. This year will be working hard to make this new project work.

I love attending air shows. Seeing all those historic and modern aircraft in their natural environment instead of glued to a static display is so much more visceral and meaningful.
Especially the for the warbirds. Seeing a B17 creaking gracefully into the sky only makes the sense of admiration for those who flew and crewed them in earnest.
It makes our debt to them so much more personal.

So while the civilian pilots guide these warbirds around the sky, there is usually a crew of ground based performers working extremely hard to make the audience experience even more real.
They are the folks who make those explosions and balls of flame.

Nobody ever sees them and they are very rarely acknowledged, so my project over this year is to attempt to document those people who work with so little but contribute to much to the show.
Hopefully to show the hard work and the exhilaration experienced putting on that kind of show.

wish me luck……